Ep. 65 - Our Gifts, His Glory - Interview with Margaret Gibson


“Our heart posture should be generous because our God is so generous to us in ways we do not deserve.” -Margaret Gibson

On Episode 65 we kick off our series “Our Gifts, His Glory” with a conversation with Margaret Gibson.  Margaret works in non profit development and is passionate about the topic of generosity. We thought this was the perfect way to kick off this series as we discuss what it looks like to give generously for the glory of God.  Margaret guides us to where we can see generosity in The Bible. Spoiler alert! This is a topic that is woven throughout the entirety of scripture! Ultimately it points us back to how generous God has been to us by providing His grace, a gift we do not deserve.  We left this conversation feeling so encouraged and inspired to give generously for the glory of God and pray that you will too.      


“Generosity really reflects where our hearts are and what we believe about God. Ultimately being generous is an act of trusting God.” -Margaret Gibson 

“Our heart posture should be generous because our God is so generous to us in ways we do not deserve.” -Margaret Gibson 

“Our generosity comes out of an overflow of what God does for us.” -Erin Kellogg 

“There is such a scarcity mentality.  We think that there’s not enough. That is a fundamental issue about the character of God for us.  It’s us not believing that God is not big enough, or good enough, or loves us enough to do good things for us or to provide for us in the way that He promises He will.” -Margaret Gibson 

“We could do the same activity and it can be sin one day and not the next day because our heart is what’s defining that.  I can be worshipful with my money or I can be self-righteous and hold onto it really tightly.” -Margaret Gibson 

“God’s provision to us through resources materially is just a small reflection of His grace to us.  In the gospel we’ve received something from Christ that we couldn’t earn or achieve for ourselves. We’re supposed to share that truth and grace freely with others and invite them into that story. ” -Margaret Gibson 

“We should share and give freely to others, not being we’re trying to earn something or because it’s our own goodness, but because they are good gifts from God and they are not ours to start with.” -Margaret Gibson 

“The best way to get good at giving is to give.” -Margaret Gibson 

“You can’t outgive God.” 


The Prodigal God by Tim Keller 


Gospel Patrons by John Rinehart 

The Giver and the Gift by David Weekley and Peter Greer 

The Spirituality of Fundraising by Henri Nouwen 

When Helping Hurts by Stever Corbett and Brian Fikkert 

The World is not ours to Save by Tyler Wigg-Stevenson 

Generous Giving 

The Gospel Coalition 

Desiring God 

National Christian Foundation 

Advent Conspiracy 

*The beautiful music heard on today’s episode is by Katie Cobbs*